Passion. Creativity. Communication.

These are words Kateryna lives by. With over 5 years of experience in graphic and web design, she is very versatile and talented in many mediums. Her work portfolio includes marketing collateral, advertising, web design, social media, email, video animation, logos/branding, and even vector illustration. Since graduating from University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, Kateryna has worked in an agency environment for 3 years. She has solely built a creative department from the ground up, not only growing the company’s services but also growing the clients’ audiences and sales.

Originally from Ukraine but raised in Oklahoma, Kateryna has a multidimensional approach to design that aims to break the mold, and help businesses grow through creative marketing. She values working hard and doing a good job, taking a detail-oriented approach with every project. Asking the right questions is important to her as is getting to know the customer. Kateryna enjoys a fast-pace where she can stay busy and keep learning. Her thirst for knowledge and hunger for innovation inspires her to constantly find ways to push her creativity to the next level. If you are interested in working with her, you can reach her at